Windows XP

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Windows XP is a Microsoft operating system first released in 2001. Though there are two newer Microsoft operating systems available (Windows Vista/Windows 7), XP continues to be the one most widely used today because of its stability.

The Login Screen

Windows XP default login

Depending on how your computer is set-up and which operating system is installed on your computer, your desktop may look different from the following examples. Also, you may or may not encounter a login window but it is highly recommended that your computer account be password protected for better security.

The Login Field

Here, you would enter the username and password created by you or your system administrator, press the Enter key or, with your mouse, left-click once on the green arrow next to the password field to load your Desktop. If there is more than one user account on the system, simply select your account from the list to activate the password field.

The Desktop

The Desktop

After you have signed in, you will see the above image on your screen. It is known as the Desktop. Some may call it the home screen or main screen, but this is not as common.

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